My Warts Don’t Match My Sandals

By Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee
March 29, 2017
Category: Foot Conditions
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Foot and Ankle Center of Fort Lee specializes in quality foot care and is ready to help you primp your feet for the winter’s thaw! Warts are just not welcome when it comes to spring style. Perhaps you developed a wart over the winter or have been meaning to get rid of that persistent wart that just will not go away on its own. Let’s look at some facts about warts;

What exactly is a wart?

They can be hard and flat, black or brown and mostly show up on the bottom of your feet, but can pop up elsewhere, where you don’t want to see them, like your toes. Although they are rather harmless they can be treated very easily in our office.

How can I be sure it’s a wart?

The first sign is them just showing up on the bottom of your foot and you may notice it as you are washing your feet. They can be mistaken for corns or calluses because they tend to have layers of dead skin around the area that becomes irritated.  But a foot wart is raised and fleshy and will reoccur in the same spot.

How did I manage to get one?

Probably from a locker room or a public pool. The human papillomavirus (HPV) can find its way into your foot through a cut or bruise and lives in public showers, pools and then is happy to settle into your athletic shoes. It spreads quickly if you let it so it is best to get treatment right away.

What can I do to get rid of them?

  • Cover your cuts or bruises to keep any potential infections away from your feet.
  • Try not to share personal items like socks, shoes or towels with friends.
  • Avoid touching the wart too much as it can help the infection to spread and cause more warts.
  • If your feet are dry then they can’t stay alive too long, they love the moist environment so snuff them out with dryness.
  • Barefoot is fun and free but unfortunately it comes with some risks. Walking around in public places swings that door wide open to the virus. Flip flops are always recommended in public areas and are the next best thing to naked feet.

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